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2016 Catalog, Emporio Armani Watches, Store News -

Our 2016 Catalog is changing regularly, so new watches made by Emporio Armani have been added today. Enjoy!

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2016 Catalog, Login and Pay with Amazon, Store News -

Starting today, Promenade Watches is accepting payments by Login and Pay with Amazon, Amazon’s payment gateway in the US. Instead of manually entering their payment and shipping information (which can be a real pain on mobile), customers can now quickly checkout using the existing details in their Amazon account.

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2016 Catalog, Store News -

This spring, we will lunch a new Promenade Watches website powered by Shopify, featuring a new design and layout. Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution powering more than 240,000 online shops that allows us to provide a better shopping experience for our clients.  

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